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"The heart is the greatest ally, but it can also be the greatest enemy."

"The mind is our greatest ally, but it can also be our greatest enemy. Have you ever had a conversation in your mind about something you wanted to do, but you thought, "It's never going to work out," or "It's not that important when I think about it.” The reason why you are not able to achieve your full potential is that your mind is blocking you.


In this program, you will learn who the saboteurs are in your mind, who the sage allies are, and how to make your mind your ally, while training your PQ brain through exercises in the PQ Gym (app).


The percentage of time your mind is working as an ally instead of an enemy is called the Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ), the area of the brain where Saboteurs reside is called the "survival brain," and the area of the brain where Sages reside is called the "PQ brain.


Shirzad Chamine, author of the New York Times bestseller Positive Intelligence, based his findings on years of experience as a life coach (and former CEO of CTI), brain science, psychology, and research with over 500,000 participants in 50 countries.


Surviving brain and PQ brain

The "survival brain" - part of the left brain

Saboteurs are the voices in our heads that create negative emotions when dealing with life's challenges, and they reside in the "survival brain" which is responsible for warning us of life threats and problems. Stress, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, shame, guilt, frustration. Staying in these emotions impairs our ability to see things clearly and choose the most effective response.


The PQ Brain - Part of the Right Brain

The Sage creates positive emotions when dealing with life's challenges. This includes empathy, compassion, gratitude, curiosity, joy of creativity, and action based on a calm and clear-headed perspective. Activating this area increases creativity, the ability to recognize what is important and the best course of action, and the ability to resist stress.

Neural Circuitry

The brain is made up of nerve cells.

For example, when an event is transmitted through a neuron as a signal, other neurons are activated based on the synapses that connect the neurons. However, there are multiple options for the direction of the signal, and the question is which nerve cells are activated.


For example, if a person tends to have negative thoughts, the "survival brain" is considered to be activated, and the next time something happens, the signal is more likely to go in the direction of the activated "survival brain". The next time something happens, the signal is more likely to go in the direction of the activated "survival brain," because repetition binds the pathways closely together.


Positive Intelligence is a mental fitness program that uses powerful techniques to strengthen the neural pathways to the PQ brain, which opposes the survival brain. It is a program that not only enhances insight but also brings about lasting change.


The three muscles strengthened by Mental Fitness

1. The enemies (saboteurs) that live in your mind are blocking you from being successful and happy.

=The ability to fight against negative emotions and beliefs.

Saboteur Interceptor Muscle


2. The state in which your brain and body are on your side

=The true self

Power of the Sage, Sage Muscle

3. self-command muscle that calms negativity and activates positive areas of the brain

Self-Command Muscle

Boss of Saboteurs

The boss of the Saboteurs is the Judge, who is always pointing out and blaming what is wrong with you, your opponent, the situation or the environment.


The Saboteurs' nine henchmen

Which henchmen tend to be more powerful varies from person to person, and each henchman has his own beliefs and assumptions.










Five powers of Sage







Mental Fitness App

In the middle of your busy life, you can use the app for 2 minutes at a time, about 15 minutes a day. This is a program that allows you to train daily using the app.

You can train your PQ brain with different exercises every day according to the course content. Community function for support.


1-year access to the app!

Even after completing the course, you can continue to train your PQ brain at PQ Gym by 2 minutes exercise, learning repeatedly with session videos and audio books.

Positive Intelligence 6-Week Program with Coach Chika ≫

What's included in the program

・ Weekly session video of Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine (7 videos, 1 hour each, English)

· Access to the Positive Intelligence App for Mental Fitness Gyms (1 year, English)

・ Shirzad Chamine's New York Times best-selling book 8 chapters of "Positive Intelligence"

(Digital & audio format)

・ To incorporate learning into daily life

6 private coaching sessions ( in English or Japanese) ​ 

Group Weekly POD Discussions  7 times

( in English or Japanese)


​<PQ 6-Week Program with Coach Chika >

Positive Intelligence 6-Week Program& Private Session (6times ) 

★Private Sessions (in Japanese or English) are designed to help you look at how the saboteurs in your mind are affecting the problems you are facing, the worries you are having, and the things you want to achieve, so that you can live a more fulfilling life, think more positively, build better relationships, and reach your full potential.

Positive Intelligence 6-Week Program& Group Weekly POD Discussions (7 times) 

★In the Group Weekly POD Discussions (in Japanese or English), you and your Life Coach will talk about what you discover and feel about yourself through the weekly session videos and deepen your learning.

*Held by 2 or more people who start the program at the same time, up to 5 people.

*Weekly videos are not only for learning but also for hands-on sessions with visualization.

​* For more detail, please find the PQ Mental Fitness Program ($ 995) on the Positive Intelligence website (byShirzad Chamine).

 ★We will offer it at a special price together with Private Sessions or Weekly POD Discussions, so please do not purchase from the following.

*POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE® and PQ COACH™ are registered trademarks or trademarks of Positive Intelligence, LLC.

What’s Holding You Back

Which Saboteurs tend to be more powerful depends on the person.

Why not start with a simple free test (5 minutes) to discover what saboteurs are lurking in your mind?


* If you would like to take the test in Japanese, please change the Language at the top to Japanese and receive it.

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