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What is Co-Active® Coaching?

4 Cornerstones – 5 Contexts – 3 Principles


Coach and client are equal partners

The word "Co-Active" means "collaborative," and is characterized by the relationship between the coach and the client as equal partners, working together to help the client live the life they truly desire.

Can be applied to any relationship in the world

Co-Active is based on the concept of a Designed Alliance, which is a relationship that is designed and sustained. For example, a relationship in which both parties feel equal and can express their true feelings can lead to new ideas and actions that can break through the challenges that plague us every day. We believe that by creating psychological safety in a relationship, people will think and act consciously and proactively.

Unshakable faith in human potential

The Four Cornerstones

  1. People are Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole.

  2. Dance in This Moment 

  3. Focus on the Whole Person 

  4. Evoke Transformation

Create essential and lasting change

At its core, Co-Active Coaching focuses on the person, not the matter, in order to bring about inner growth and change in the client's consciousness.

Gaining a new "story" to live your life

Co-Active Coaching deals with the values, perspectives, emotions, and self-limiting ideas and beliefs that hold them back, in what is usually called the "unconscious" realm, to radically rethink the "story" that drives the client's life. With this new story in hand, clients are able to create essential and lasting change in their own lives.

 Co-Active®itrademark of The Co-Active Training Institute.

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